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2014-10-23: What a nice party at Volxhaus Klagenfurt last Saturday! Thank you everyone who came, it was a lot of fun and also...

2014-09-04: I'm looking forward to returning to my hometown in Austria to play at HOPPEL DI POPPEL at Volxhaus Klagenfurt. There's a small, dedicated local community that keeps the psy scene alive for many years with quality events. So if you're around, come and see! Date -> 18th of October.

2014-07-10: I did another remix for Blister 13.0's Sin Ojos and it is featured on Solarstone's new Electronic Architecture compilation Vol. 3 on Black Hole Recordings. Out now at your favourite shop as CD, download and stream. Preview and where-to-buy links:

2014-06-02: My new music is out on JOOF Recordings It is available exclusively at Beatport, and in 2 weeks at the other shops. Except for drums and basslines, I only used sounds from Studio Electronics' CODE synthesizer, which is a spectacular piece of an instrument... it rings and shines and resonates and.. lives! See for yourself previews on my Soundcloud page: and on Beatport:

2014-05-02: I'm back in the driving seat on JOOF Recordings with two new songs scheduled for release on June 2nd. Let's roll!

2014-04-22: Привет! I'll be playing at Kalevala Magic Festival in Russia, about 1700 km north-east of Moscow near the arctic circle. Yes, that's right.... a psy/goa festival in the subpolar tundra. It will last for 6 days in late July. There will be midnight sun, basically non-stop daylight and perhaps even aurora borealis?? And fantastic music & decorations to complement the scenery. More infos as they materialize.

2014-04-12: my remix of "Sin Ojos" by Blister 13.0 is now out on Molecule Recordings, listen:

2013-05-04: Good news: I'll be playing in Slovenia again! I have so many unique memories of this country and also had my first real club experiences there, so it always feels very special to return. Time & space are confirmed to be --> June 24th at Club Štuk, Maribor. Also coming: Liquid Soul, Niereich, Reaky .. and, YOU ;)
event link on fb

2013-03-24: Welcome spring! ♥

2013-01-26: The remix release of my last single "Free Hugs" will be out on JOOF Recordings on February 11. Many thanks and hugs to the remixers Incolumis, Jani R, Meanda, REON and TJP !

2012-05-02: Here's my set from the PaSSion @ The Emporium party which was featured on John 00 Fleming's radio show on Digitally Imported: soundcloud (second hour)

Also I'm pretty excited to play in Montreal on Dec 21. More dates to be confirmed...

2012-03-06: That was so cool at PaSSion @ The Emporium last Saturday! I even almost enjoyed carring 28 kg of equipment half-way through Europe and just needing half of it :)) The plan was to record my set with microphones, but the DJ booth just wasn't suited for this, so I used the laptop instead. If you like to hear the replay, tune in to John 00 Fleming's next radio show episode on Digitally Imported, March 13. The mix will be available on his soundcloud page afterwards too. Hugs to everyone involved for making this experience possible, and I have a premonition of visiting England again quite soon ;)

2012-03-02: I'm very happy to see my new EP released on JOOF Recordings! It contains 5 songs that cover a wide range of styles. I'm quite excited about "Free Hugs" especially thanks to the wonderful classical piano composed and played by dear Mr. Peter Papiewski. I think it's quite a unique combination with dance music. What do you think? And also many thanks to TJP who contributed essential synth lines here.
Then "Hello World" which comes with three takes/mixes. Take 1 leans towards the trance genre, upbeat and energetic, whereas Take 2 is slower, more relaxed and easy-going. It stretches the theme by 200 % (each chord just takes twice as long) which interestingly allows more space for new melodic variations. And Take 3 picks the speed up again for a trippy, driving journey into psy-trance. As a novelty here I evolved a new melody introduced in Take 2, and played the bass guitar as a rythmic element for the main breakdown.
And to round the EP off there is a second take on the original song "Water Rise" which was released on JOOF Recordings in January 2011.
Also many thanks Julie for your beautiful star image on the cover! I became an expert in removing blue grid lines from the notebook scan... :)
All songs were mastered by Jeremy from Mothership Mastering @ Starseed Studio. The EP is available in your nearest online shop as a digital release.
So I hope you like the music, and .. free hugs!!

2012-01-30: very excited to play at passion in march. and my next EP will be released shortly, which makes the coming weeks ahead even more exciting. oh, and then there's my SE code synthesizer arriving this week? can it get any more exciting?

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