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GM Armin from Los Angeles, 2007-05-04 23:30
Wow your "I was a bee" Drone Mix is just fucking great!!
makes me think... thanks!

Andy F. from Wien, 2007-02-07 20:52

also ich kann nur sagen: Respekt! Und vielen Dank für deine Musik! Hab mir gerade (ja ich weiß, sehr schnell) Hesitated und Blown Cover gekauft, sind ja beide absolut der Hammer!

Immer weiter so, bin schon auf den nächsten Track gespannt!!!


Timothy from Sweden, 2007-01-23 19:03 website e-mail
This is my version of your track listen and judge! Thanks for the lovly work! Peace Timpa

Martin from Klagenfurt, 2007-01-17 19:58
Hallo Oliver! Danke für die NYE Session... Mach weiter so... lG, Martin

wolfgang from vienna, 2006-12-31 15:33
aromatheraphy # 6 !!! the best set from 2006, maybe the best one, i've ever heard !!! i've been listening to it maybe about 50 times so far and it never gets me bored!

alles gute zum neuen jahr und mach so weiter, wie bisher, king of the dark-trance!!!! ;)

MiraculuM from Budapest, Hungary, 2006-10-26 13:21 website e-mail
Your Hesitated/Blown Cover -release is a true gem to all of the trance-lovers, and I agree, you keep the faith in many of us about the future of trance.

costas&john, 2006-09-25 19:46
HoPe to SEE u IN Athens!!!!!keep imaging sounds...for our brains...

stardesign from poland, 2006-09-23 03:11 website e-mail
big thx for support :D

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Oliver Prime's stunning debut "Radiance" on Spinnin' Records in 2004 took the trance music scene by storm and set the benchmark for further releases to follow. Soon after, his remix of Oliver Lieb's classic "Netherworld" elevated him to the privileged status of worldwide recognition despite his far from conventional style.

Born in 1980, Austrian Oliver Prime managed to carve out a niche of his own. His compositions are filled with a plethora of details, soundscapes and athmosphere. He expresses his versatile imagination in different genres, like the progressive trance remix of Vibrasphere's "Autumn Lights" with its mesmerizing two-minute sound effects intro, the hypnotic psy-trance journey "Lilavo Dvijenie", the carefully crafted "Eye Searching Sun", or his recent film music reminiscent gem "Interesting", among many others. With such unique compositions, Oliver found his musical home at J00F Recordings, the highly respected UK record label founded by John 00 Fleming, of which he has been a loyal member for many years. He also enjoyed guest appearances on the labels Iboga and Anjunabeats.

Yet, there is nothing quite extraordinary to tell about Oliver Prime's early age. He did not start learning an instrument at the age of a baby, he does not have much musical background, nor does he come from a parent's house full of musical masterminds. After his studies he moved to Germany, and as a day-time job he works on next-generation audio codecs at the Fraunhofer institute, the birth place of MP3.

2012 will bring new singles and remixes including collaborations with classically trained Polish pianist Peter Papiewski and upcoming Swedish Psytrance producer Timothy Jobe. UK's renowned DJ Magazine reviewed Oliver Prime as being "undoubtedly at the cutting edge of genre-busting underground trance" stay tuned, the best is yet to come...

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