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eiger from germany, 2008-06-14 20:25
hi oliver,
your remix of autumn lights is epic!
when will your finish your album? i'm really looking forward to it.

greets eiger

Elliott Poston from Midwest United States, 2008-04-21 00:03 website e-mail
I really enjoyed your radio show. Episode 24. Its fantastic. I'm not really a guest book signer, but I am a seasoned DJ and damn man....good job.

philby, 2008-04-20 06:41
hey dude
armin just played your remix of netherworld at armin only :D not bad hey
hope he repeats it in melbourne in june

michael from hannover, 2008-03-15 00:41 e-mail
i heared your sound on fullmoon radio - super great job!!!

Pythagoraz from Denmark, 2007-12-12 05:32 website e-mail
Hi mate

i just stumbled upon your new mix here, and i must say that your DJ'ing is very tight!

I listened to the way you got our track into your mix and was blown away!

Good job!

Rasmus (TimeDrained)

Gnarlodious from Denver, 2007-08-29 15:48 website e-mail
Just discovered you a few weeks ago. Your compositions are amazing, you are inventing a new kind of music. Keep on mixing the major with the minor, the light with the dark, and the east with the west.

T.H., 2007-08-09 12:40
macht echt spaß deine show zu hören! ist wirklich anders als was man sonst so geboten kriegt. behalt deinen lockeren moderationsstil bei, der ist einfach richtig gut:)
freu mich aufs album...

p-URGE from Australia (kangaroos), 2007-05-18 03:36 website e-mail
Hi Oliver,
I am from Augsburg - Germany living for 20 years in Australia now.
Thank you for the reply to the Abelton thread in the JOOF Forum.
I appreciate that you made the time and the effort to elaborate and would appreciate if we could keep up conversation on a one to one basis on technical and musical issues. Regardless, nice to have made your aquaintence and my best wishes for your musical journey...
peace&love, ralf

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// upcoming and past gigs

2016-02-06 starving conciertos, spain, madrid; website
2015-08-22 wax format @south nightclub, manchester/uk;
2014-10-18 hoppel di poppel @volxhaus, klagenfurt/austria;
2013-06-24 midnight resurrection @ŠTUK, maribor/slovenia; website
2012-03-03 passion @ the emporium, coalville/uk; website
2011-06-25 club inbox, ljubljana/slovenia;
2010-12-10 inbox, ljubljana/slovenia;
2008-12-31 intense 2009, intern. pavilion, quebéc/canada; flyer
2007-06-08 the gallery - turnmills, london/uk; flyer website
2006-09-09 q-base, airport weeze/germany; flyer website
2006-06-24 mattighofen, salzburg/austria;
2006-02-10 cvetlicarna (flower house), ljubljana/slovenia;
2005-10-15 neuromancer, frankfurt/germany; flyer
2005-09-17 earth dance, sofia/bulgaria; flyer website
2005-08-12 electronic essentials, munich/germany; flyer
2005-04-02 club lipa, sp. pirniče/slovenia; flyer website

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